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Automatically opened and locked windows

A feature on your car that you have come to know and love, namely electrically operated windows and central locking is now also available for your windows at home: Schueco TipTronic is the first automatic, locking window system that can also be connected to an automated building system.

Energy saving

Schueco TipTronic offers sensor-controlled opening and shutting of windows. This helps save on energy because this sensor control prevents rooms from getting too cold. The sensor also provides for fresh air once the existing air has got stale.

Security features

From a technical perspective, Schueco TipTronic is particularly impressive with regard to its real-time responsiveness, with locking and unlocking requiring less than one second. All the safety features required today for automatic windows come as standard with the system, for example, anti-finger-trap protection, emergency release in the event of a power failure, and priority for safety commands over standard commands. The lock monitoring offers increased protection against burglars.

With its advanced design and technical features, this fitting is the ideal solution for high-quality residential construction. Inaccessible windows such as hard-to-reach toplights and windows in residential homes for the elderly or disabled are also important fields of application for Schueco TipTronic. Schueco TipTronic is available for turn/tilt and bottom-hung windows


Until now, automatic window control has tended to be a trademark feature of modern office complexes. Yet demand for automatic opening and locking of windows is now also increasing in the luxury home sector. A central feature of Schueco TipTronic is the mechatronic fitting for windows which is key to the automation of buildings. Schueco TipTronic is the first fully mechatronic turn/tilt fitting and combines intuitive operation in real time with automated building technology, making your windows a component of an intelligent building. Schueco TipTronic is also easy and convenient to operate, whether manually or via PC, time-controlled or sensor-controlled. Hard-to-reach windows are also easy to operate.

Schueco TipTronic goes beyond the limits of existing mechanical fittings technology because it was developed as a mechatronic solution specifically for electric window operation. All the component parts of the mechatronic fitting are fully concealed and so do not interrupt the clean lines of the window. One thing is certain: through their excellent functionality and modern appearance, Schueco TipTronic windows increase the value of your real estate.

As well as operating an individual window, the new generation of fittings will, of course, allow units to be grouped together or connected to building management technology (e.g. EIB, Ethernet/TCP/IP). When incorporated with numerous different networks, a window handle may not be needed at all.


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