Строительные материалы в Казани
Light-transparent constructions
- Windows
- Doors
- Facades
- Sliding systems
- Skylights (light-transparent roofs)
- Winter gardens (conservatories)
- Fireproof and smoke-protection systems
- Burglar-resistant systems
- Bullet-proof systems
- Blast-resistant systems
- Solar systems
- Solar shading systems
- Facades automation and management
Back-ventilated cladding facades
- What is "a back-ventilated facade"?
- Back-ventilated facades advantages
- Technical features
- Facade materials
Roofing and wall materials
- Metal tiles
- Profiled deck
- Seam roof
- Metal siding
- Roofing components
- Rainwater systems SIBA (Sweden)
- Metal-roll cutting
- Materials and coating
- Map of standard colours
Foundation engineering using pile-top drill rigs
- Bored and cast-in-place piles

Natural stone

Natural stone is a perfect building and furnishing material due to its wonderful versatility. For many centuries it has attracted attention of those, who want that their houses look really luxurious.

Every item made of natural stone is unique. Natural stone is considered to be the symbol of durability and solidity. The rich colours choice and play of light are the main and unique advantages of the natural stone, which allow creating decorative effects, luxurious and original compositions.

The alive surface of the natural stone, moisture and heat resistance, high level of hardness let us use it for facades cladding and internal premises of buildings.

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  • Ceramic granite