Light-transparent constructions
- Windows
- Doors
- Facades
- Sliding systems
- Skylights (light-transparent roofs)
- Winter gardens (conservatories)
- Fireproof and smoke-protection systems
- Burglar-resistant systems
- Bullet-proof systems
- Blast-resistant systems
- Solar systems
- Solar shading systems
- Facades automation and management
Back-ventilated cladding facades
- What is "a back-ventilated facade"?
- Back-ventilated facades advantages
- Technical features
- Facade materials
Roofing and wall materials
- Metal tiles
- Profiled deck
- Seam roof
- Metal siding
- Roofing components
- Rainwater systems SIBA (Sweden)
- Metal-roll cutting
- Materials and coating
- Map of standard colours
Foundation engineering using pile-top drill rigs
- Bored and cast-in-place piles

Foundation engineering using pile-top drill rigs


Nowadays its important to preserve not only the historic and architectural outlook of cities and towns, but also to erect new modern buildings in the limited space of the city.

Foundation engineering and foundation reconstruction in geological conditions of the city, especially in a tight build up, are newest technological developments, used by Estel company.

Our production is made with the modern and reliable technological equipment of WIRTH Group (Germany) for drilled pile foundations, which ensures the high quality of work, less time and expenses at the realization of all projects.

Pile foundations are the part of a structure used to carry and transfer the load of the structure to the bearing ground located at some depth below ground surface. The main components of the foundation are the pile cap and piles.
The technology of foundations construction using pile-top drill rigs lets us build single piles, pile caps, piled walls, piles with widening up to 1200 mm, which gives the possibility to use the ground as supporting structure and increases the efficience of piles use.

The absence of dynamical and vibration effects on the ground is the advantage of this technology allowing us to drill near existent buildings.