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Solar thermal collectors

Solar system with a thermal collector can utilise the sun's energy to generate heat. You can permanently reduce your heating costs while at the same time increasing the value and desirability of your property. Thermal collectors on your roof will accumulate the heat, used for hot water or heating system. You can generate up to 70% of the energy required for domestic hot water with a solar thermal system. With additional auxiliary heating, the system generates up to 30% or more of the total heating energy. This means that you are largely independent of oil and gas. And you will also reduce harmful CO2 emissions from your home.  

Every kilowatt hour that your solar thermal installation provides does not have to be generated by burning oil, gas or pellets. This lowers the energy costs of your home and reduces the burden on the environment as less fuel has to be extracted, refined, transported and burned.

Heat can still be generated even when the sun is obscured by cloud.

Even on cloudy days, thermal systems can still work to a large percentage of their capacity through the diffuse light they receive.

How it works

The sun's rays hit the solar collectors on the roof. They heat the circulating solar fluid, which is then transported to the solar storage cylinder. In the storage cylinder, the heat is transmitted to the drinking water and also to the heating circuit water if required. All components feature tried-and-tested series technology. Solar thermal systems can easily be incorporated in an existing system with central hot water supply at any time, independently of a new build or renovation.

    System set-up
  • Collectors (mainly 2 to 6)
  • Pipework from roof to cellar/heating room
  • Solar storage cylinder
  • Solar station
  • Solar control unit
  • Expansion vessel

Schueco offers complete solar packages for various kinds of use. You can choose between two lines of the production:

Compact line has a good quality and consists of one-color collector, which can be mounted in three different ways.

Premium line provides more efficiency of the installation, has additional elements, collector frames have various colours and can be mounted in six ways.
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